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The stark style and primitive inspiration of Cubism

Cubism transpired as a result of several artists' inspiration from early indigenous art in Africa and America. The simplistic and austere style of this art encouraged artists such as Picasso and Cezanne. They wanted to create a style of fine art that was completely non representative of reality - and so it was, composed of lots of cubes.

Cubism and its relationship to Paris

Paris is the most important city of twentieth century art, being home to more revolutions of artistic style than any other in Europe. Cubism began in the Parisian artistic hub of Montparnasse, home to Picasso. The art dealers who popularized the form also lived here and the term 'Cubism' was coined by a Parisian, Louis Vauxcelles.

The obscure beauty of Cubist art

When picking a poster, art print or canvas print Cubism may not be your first choice due to its austere style. However, the geometric pattern common to any poster of Cubist art is not only thought provoking and different but is unusual too. The striking colors of a cubist poster will go in any room of the house, brightening up the interior and bringing a touch of Paris into your home. The abstract nature of a Cubist poster will allow visitors to stop and admire the art, forming their own response to the genre's subjective nature. At ARTFLAKES you can find a Cubist poster, print or canvas to suit your home.