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The surprising history of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889 for the French World Fair. It was originally supposed to only stand for 20 years but its usefulness as a communication aid during World War I meant it still stands today. When it was built Parisian residents described it as ugly but now the Tower is a must on every tourist's checklist and its instantly recognizable structure makes it the perfect subject for a poster.

The enduring popularity and inspiring nature of the Tower

The tower is the most visited attraction that charges an entrance fee in the world. Millions of people have climbed to the top to see the famous view over Paris and the Eiffel Tower's iconic appearance and setting is the perfect focus for a poster, art print or canvas print. A poster of the Eiffel Tower in your kitchen is the perfect inspiration for some French home cooking - with a baguette and some cheese you can have your own Parisian picnic. Visit ARTFLAKES for a wide range of Eiffel Tower art - a poster, canvas or framed art will all add some Parisian chic to your home.

The Eiffel Tower as a romantic icon

The Eiffel Tower is synonymous with love and romance. It features in the background (and foreground) of many romantic films, postcards, notebooks and is the perfect symbol for a romantic poster or framed art. Its iconic status makes it the perfect addition to any bedroom or boudoir.