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Guatemalan Culture Posters

The people of Guatemala are proud of their culture. This attitude helps them to keep the traditions and customs of the fascinating Guatemalan culture alive, and the amazing Guatemalan culture in its turn is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many photographers and artists from all over the world. Hence, if you want to decorate your interior with some unique poster or original framed art print, then a high quality poster illustrating the peculiar Guatemalan culture will be a perfect option for you.

Illustrations of Guatemalan customs

Indians of Guatemala highly respect their local customs and traditions. They love to wear their traditional clothes, and their lifestyle hasn’t changed that greatly since the times of Conquista. The descendants of Mayans still worship different totemic animals known as nahual. This fascinating custom amazes the tourists and is a nice motive for canvas prints and posters. A poster or an art print depicting a totemic animal is almost a must have for any fan of Guatemalan culture and Mayan traditions. And in case you want to have something more sophisticated than a poster, then a high quality framed art print is what you need.

Guatemalan traditions in art prints and posters

In Guatemala, the Christian religion and traditional Guatemalan culture are intertwined in the most interesting way. As for example, Guatemalan Indians believe that the Christian cross inherits the meaning of an ancient Mayan symbol. This symbol depicts the four cardinal directions. Other than that, many Christian rites and Mayan rituals are mixed in Guatemalan culture, and hence they are the best motives for high quality posters, canvas prints and art prints. Without any doubts, any fan of Mayan culture will definitely enjoy a poster or an art print poster illustrating these customs of Guatemalan culture.