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Kathmandu Posters

The capital city of Nepal is a place unlike any other in the Western world. It is home to a great variety of architectural designs and different means of building. A travel to Kathmandu would certainly not disappoint. It has that poster and canvas print quality to it and also that appeal for art print in general and framed art. Kathmandu is also interesting because it is a colorful, beautiful place, where life is sprawling during nighttime as well as through daytime. It doesn't take a lot to see why it attracts so many tourists as it does.

Culture and religion – Kathmandu

The city has been the home for tremendous change in the past centuries, but it hasn't lost its spirituality. Quite on the contrary, the city still manages to appeal to the people who want to have their go at a good time as well as in the case of Kathmandu sightseeing. A poster lover would be hard pressed not to find the best value for their money here, a genuinely great location and an undoubtedly religious vibe. A poster can even go as far as encapsulating that marauding spirit of the desert, present in Kathmandu.

The art of Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a place for mosaics, for sculptures and for other legacy art. If one cannot visit it in real life, the alternative, starting a poster collection can be just as satisfying. Kathmandu will not disappoint a poster lover, as the city has its fair share of different eye-catching vistas.