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Art For Your Living Room

The social functions of the living room, as well as common forms and features found within, have mutated over the years. In bygone times the living room, instead often referred to as a 'parlour', had a more ceremonial role and remained unused for a large portion of the year, save for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Towards the modern living room

Nowadays, of course, the living room is a much more social environment, albeit almost invariably center-pieced by a television set. However, one thing which unifies the modern day living room with the antiquated parlours of yesteryear, is the prevalence of decoration and art to make the space more homely and comfortable. Whether it is a poster or a canvas print, people have always sought to decorate their living rooms with images fitting in with contemporary tastes.

A poster for the living room

A well-selected poster or art print represents an inexpensive and truly modern way to express creative flair and compliments the decor of a living room. Gone are the days when a poster was symbolic of cheap rental accommodation and teenage angst. In the 21st century the poster offers itself as a post-modern alternative to other established forms of living room decoration. At ARTFLAKES there is a huge selection of contemporary and traditional images which you can choose to have as a poster or canvas print to liven up your living room.