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The Louvre Museum

The Musée du Louvre, located in Paris, France, is the most visited museum in the world. Its vast collection - over thirty-five thousand works of art, and 380,000 objects - is seen by 8.5 million visitors annually. The Louvre's masterpieces come from every era between prehistory and the nineteenth century. Perhaps the most famous work at the museum is the Mona Lisa.

Architectural Beauty

Just as famous as the Louvre's contents is the museum building itself. The Louvre was formerly a palace, built over the centuries. Today, it also has modern architectural elements. It is the poster child for international artistic excellence and a landmark of the city of Paris.

Poster Images of the Louvre

A high-quality poster of the Louvre from ARTFLAKES will lend elegance to every setting. For a contemporary edge, look for a large-format poster of the famous glass pyramid that serves as the museum's entrance. A smaller framed art print of the Renaissance-era architecture of the Louvre palace will be classically appealing, especially when printed on canvas. The masterpieces housed inside the Louvre also come in poster form and are a perfect way to bring home images of fine art.