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Milan Posters

Milan, Italy’s second largest town and one of the most interesting locations of Italy in terms of architecture and history, this place is definitely worth seeing. A framed art print, a canvas print or a poster can only do so much for the place, although a great collector's investment. Milan however has more than its fair share of beauty and appeal. What it doesn't have, is that purity of architectural focus, which in a sense is a good thing.

Milan – where skyscrapers meet the architecture of Renaissance

Milan hasn't stagnated; it has continued to grow in recent times, and combining the ever faster expansion and speed increase of the modern metropolis with the beauty of the past and its architecture. A poster collection can explore both worlds with the same amount of success. It is not very clear what is more exciting in a poster, the architecture of the older buildings, the architecture that a poster can capture in modern day buildings or the interplay between both. It remains in the hands of the poster collector himself/herself.

Visit Milan through a poster collection

Milan can be experienced thoroughly through a poster collection. The city is friendly on those moderately wealthy, and, for that matter, it is a tourist attraction for a great diversity of people. Nevertheless, the city cannot be visited properly if you plan a short stay. It simply has too much to offer. A poster collection of Milan will however mediate this problem and fix it thoroughly.