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Monkey & Ape Posters

The mere idea of monkeys and apes brings a sense of fun to our minds, as they amuse us by their funny tricks and their cute gestures. Monkeys are the animals closest to us human in their appearance and intelligence, apes are the largest primates. There are all kind of monkey and apes, gorillas, orangutans, small and big. In total, more than 200 hundred species are know to man. Thus, there is a sheer number of posters and prints for you to choose from.

Prestigious monkeys

Monkeys enjoy a great respect in some specific religions and areas. For example, the Chinese people treat it as one of their privileged creatures and a whole year has been dedicated to monkeys, they have both the religious and cultural prestige in China. On the other hand the Hindu community has one of their Gods who are really close to monkeys. Due to this great respect for monkeys, you too would like to have these posters as desired by the Chinese and Hindu people.

Monkey & ape poster options

Apes are closely related to humans, much closer than monkeys. They are very intelligent, the orangutan being the most intelligent. Apes as well as monkeys are highly important from the point of social life. Some species live a more solitary life while other can be found living in groups. They can be found in the tropical forest as well as lowland areas. A poster or canvas print showing these magnificent animals in their natural habitat is a great addition to any home. Having a framed art print hanging on your wall is also a great option to present a poster.