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Morocco Posters

One of the most ancient countries of Northern Africa, Morocco was named after its capital Marruecos, meaning “the holy land”. This beautiful country is also called Al-Maghreb (meaning West) by its local natives. The modern capital of Morocco, Rabat, was founded as an Arabian fortress at the Atlantic coast in the XII century. Unlike many other countries of Northern Africa, Morocco is washed both by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. A high-resolution photo poster or a canvas print of Moroccan views as found in Fes or Marrakesh can become a great decoration for any interior.

Moroccan Architecture on Posters

Traditional architecture of Morocco is highly valued by tourists, historians, archeologists, and photographers from all over the world. If you enjoy the most fabulous and fascinating Arabic exteriors, then a poster or an art print of Moroccan palaces and mosques can be a nice way to decorate your working place or a living room. A high-quality poster can also be a great addition to a themed restaurant or a café. And a canvas print of Moroccan views is the best way to underline an Arabic décor of a living room or a lounge room.

Posters of Traditional Moroccan Arts and Crafts

Minarets of Moroccan mosques are not the only thing to see in Morocco. Traditional culture of Morocco is also known by beautiful hand-made leather products, carpets, and pottery. The tourists are often offered an opportunity to craft some leather or ceramic products. This fascinating Moroccan tradition is widely represented in the most beautiful photos and framed art prints. Hence, if you are looking for an inspirational detail for your kitchen or a dining room, a poster of Moroccan ceramics is exactly what you need.