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„89-123-A9p2 Arsairian7 Reporting On Black Background“

from the gallery of xzendor7

I've been working on this one on and off for several weeks; but in the last couple of days I've been able to pull the image together to create the look I wanted with the image.

This one I would say is the best of my portal fractal creations, as it gives a very good sense that one is looking onto another universe.

The Portal structure has a gothic type look to it populated with lots of interesting fractals elements; while t the center is the Doorway to another universe of planets, stars and nebulas.

89-123-A9p2 Arsairian 7 Reporting is composed of 153 fractal elements with a total of 451 layers. With this image I used two Mandelbulb 3D generated fractals and the other 151 fractals were created with the fractron 9000 fractal generator.

I used the Photo Elements 7 image editor to assemble and post process as well as manipulate some of the fractals to get the right look for the piece. The colors of the image are achieved by adjusting the hue & saturation values of the fractals to visually tie together various elements of the structure to the universe.

This black background version does away with the walls and some of the forward flooring so that the view can concentrate on the main structure and universe aspect of the fractal composition - If you wish you can see the full image at my xzendor7 website

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