„A Namaqua Chameleon walking across a sandy plain.“

from the gallery of Danita Delimont

Chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialized form of lizard
They are distinguished by their amazing feet and stereoscopic eyes
Their tongues can be as long as their bodies and they can sleep upside down
They are slow-moving and rely on their ability to change color to match their surroundings as a form of protection
They are found in Africa, the Middle East, southern Spain, India and the island of Madagascar (where half the world's population resides) and the other Indian Ocean islands
They feed on insects, snails, spiders, lizards, young birds, flowers, berries and fruit
Their habitats are any forested and woodland areas
This species is the Namaqua Chameleon (Chamaeleo namaquensis) and is endemic to the southwestern region of Africa
Skeleton Coast region, Namibia, Southern Africa

Credit as: Gallo Images / DanitaDelimont.com

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