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„Alien Vision“

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Sometimes when i create an image the end product seems to need more.

In this work I thought, well, it needed something, it was such an Alien piece, even to my eyes.

A building , a ship, a station in the heavens, but I also knew I just couldn’t achieve the building of the thing to give it the justice it really needed.

Still, it needed life of some kind....something?

Its not like this is the first Alien Landscape I’ve done, but its so....... Alien.

And on an Alien level when reading my notes, I find that this is a moon of Saturn, this is Janus, the moon was first explored by one of the very first survey teams to travel within the giants rings.  And it seems they too thought this moon was very Alien, it also notes that it was never visited again.  Maybe my “vision” stems from an earlier Alien visit!!    But it remains just an Alien Landscape, I guess thats going to have to be enough.    Maybe thats all it was ever meant to be........!

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