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„American Wheels“

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This is an acrylic painting based on the 1955 shortbed Chevy that my cousin rebuilt. He sent me a photo, and it looked so incredible, I had to do a painting of it. My cousin is also a fantastic artist and works at . The trucks is based on his photo. The roller skater is completely from my imagination as is the background. The restored truck was black, but I decided blue would show up better in the painting.

To get the truck just right, I used a grid layout on this image. Normally I don't do that as I find it to be somewhat cheating. Doing a grid layout is a technique where you take a photo and draw a grid over it. Then you enlarge the grid on your canvas using lightly drawn lines. That way, instead of freehand drawing a large image, your only concentrating on freehand drawing a single square in a grid. It is a commonly used technique that I find to be much more acceptable than the technique of tracing a projected image... another common technique that I refuse to do. If you ever wonder about how some artist get their works so photo-realistic... many are likely tracing a photo... something that I find to be outright cheating.

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