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I am really going in the way back machine for this one. This painting was done for art class... probably in my freshman year of high school in 1991. I actually won some-sort of award for it and it was on display at some art show for high school artist or something. I am not sure what medium it was painted in except I had to use the really crappy art supplies at school. If you are a young artist yourself still in school, go out and buy yourself good art supplies and take the minimal you need with you to school to do your art projects. Paints and brushes used by hundreds of students who don't know how to paint are probably not going to be usable to do anything. It might be done in acrylic paint, maybe even poster paint.

The assignment was to do a still life, but the class didn't have any objects for working with, so the art teacher gave me a scrap of film lol. The images visible on the film are actually copies of random famous artworks I found in some art book.

The only photo-shop I did on this work was I re-sized my name. For some reason, I used the entire lower quarter of the painting to write my name on (I was paranoid in High School of students stealing my artwork as it happened several times). I also added a warming filter to give the image an old-fashion tone.

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