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„Between the ferry docks at Eminönü“

from the gallery of Marjolein Katsma

Part of my "The joys of waiting for the ferry" collection, shot in Istanbul, October 2011.

Eminönü is quite a busy transportation hub, with a railway station nearby, a tram stop, and a large bus station, apart from being the main harbor for many different ferry lines. It is also where the famous Atatürk Bridge starts which crosses the Golden Horn to Beyo?lu district on the northern side. Along the water side, on both sides of the bridge, is a whole row of ferry docks: on the east side (where we stand here) there are the docks for a car ferry across the Bophorus, as well as cruise boats for Bosphorus tours, on the other side there are the docks for various ferry lines for pedestrians, including the Golden Horn line (Haliç Hatt?).

Through the fence we see the lower level of the Atatürk Bridge, and the fishing rods jutting out from the upper level (where many people catch a daily meal), and across the water a ferry waiting at the Karaköy dock which will cross to Haydarpa?a on the Asian shore.

But wait – ‘fence’? If you look closely, you’ll actually see four layers of fences: closest is the cyan-colored fence with the pretty star pattern, then a black fence (with some chrome curves in it), then a half-circular cyan fence, and finally the blue railing along the bridge.

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