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„blue butterfly“

from the gallery of james smit

day-flying insects,
order Lepidoptera,
life cycle egg, larva, pupa and adult,
large often brightly coloured wings, and conspicuous, fluttering flight
migrate ,
caterpillars eat harmful insects,
pests in larval stages damage domestic crops or trees,
visual and literary arts,
short life spans,
larval life ,  Butterfly eggs are fixed to a leaf,  Eggs are usually laid on plants,  Butterfly larvae, or caterpillars, consume plant leaves,  larva moults the old cuticle,  bright red, orange, black or white warning colours,  larva transforms into a pupa ,  transformation through metamorphosis,  vulnerable to predators,  wings,  butterflies, endemic to Africa,  feed primarily on nectar from flowers,  important as pollinators ,  antennae,  pheromones,  toxic substances as protection against herbivores,  bright colours ,  art and jewelry,  garden,  wallpaper,  screensaver,    

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