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„Constructor Of Time“

from the gallery of Richie Montgomery

With this drawing I wanted everything to be connected in some form or fashion. Homer the great philosopher that he is (the cartoon character and the ancient figurehead) likes doughnuts and reaches toward it. The torus looks like a doughnut and when electromagnetic fields are applied in a torus they create all kinds of good stuff like anti-gravity and zero point energy. That powers the clock, now as we know according to Einstein, time is irrelevant. So I used a date that is dear to me 9-24 as the time on the clock. The Pope and the alien coming out of the doors represent the "Ancient Alien Theory" and the whole book that could be written about that subject alone. The phone represents "ET phone home" and the money used to make the call, controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank and the ridiculously wealthy families that run it. The woman taking a shower is connected to the serpent next to it because we all have reptilian brains that crave sex and a woman in the shower is a "Hollywoodized" icon than represents sexuality and I being a straight man chose a woman. The shark connects with the "Hollywoodized" ideal as well as Homer and a shark is a major player in the food chain. The demon head connects with us humans strange need for religion. The subway and its corresponding station connects with our everyday life we must travel through to reach our homes (the apartment building). The apartment building connects with the grid-work of the sky because its a part of what we all see everyday. The Egyptian obelisk connects everything to the earth and to the stars.

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thank you for talking about this drawing ... it is incredible and the detail amazing, not to mention your description. powerful.
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