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„Dirty Cash“

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‘Dirty Cash’ – Design Rationale behind the original design.

My design is intended to raise awareness of the global financial crisis, caused by the banks and, more specifically, greedy bankers.

On first glance, the headline text appears to be an aggressive insult. On closer inspection however, the ‘w’ is actually a crooked B. The crookedness itself represents the imbalance of the huge bonuses, which bankers continue to award themselves.

The ‘adjective’ preceding the word Bankers consists of the major world currencies: sterling, dollar, euro and yen. This ‘word’ illustrates the bankers’ pursuit for huge personal wealth, as does the textured background of the poster. This theme is further continued with the ‘trademark’ represented by a dollar symbol and with my colour choice – green, a slang term for money.

The design is a trompe l’oeil (fools the eye), intended to make the viewer think they are reading one thing when they are, in fact, reading another. By ‘controlling’ what the viewer initially sees, I have intended to highlight how we continue to be duped and controlled by world bankers.

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