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„Dissembling - Deep Water“

from the gallery of Sybille Sterk

This is the fifth in the series.

dis·sem·ble  (d-smbl)
v. dis·sem·bled, dis·sem·bling, dis·sem·bles
1. To disguise or conceal behind a false appearance. See Synonyms at disguise.
2. To make a false show of; feign.
To disguise or conceal one's real nature, motives, or feelings behind a false appearance.

From The Free Dictionary

The series is about the different guises and masks we wear.
 This particular image is about the fact that we hide most of ourselves in 'deep water' or rather below the surface and only someone looking closer will see if not all but more of what we hide in our everyday lives. It's very rare to find a person where what you see is what you get.    Credits    Model  Portrait by Blair-W  :thumb114124821:  Stock  Blue Marlin Fish by FantasyStock  :thumb111524265:  Orange Ghiribaldi Fish by Della-Stock  Sea World: Yellow Fish by Della-Stock  :thumb89165052:  red jelly by mange  :thumb190815823:  Aquarium 140 by Falln-Stock  Shark 3 by silencingstars-stock  :thumb109675997:  tentacles2 by mysilentsky-stock  shell 12: coral by cyborgsuzystock  underwater stock 1 by bobbistock  :thumb56921974:  Textures  6 Faves Texture Sets 1 by Shadowhouse  vintage blue texture by beckas  snakeskin texture by beckas    Brushes  Splash Brushes by Baringa-of-the-Wind    Actions  Perfect Portrait 3 Action by TheCoffeeshopBlog    All other images/textures/brushes etc my own.    MyFreeCopyright  MCN: C36GU-41U3B-H81AD

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