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„Fringehead Kaiju“

from the gallery of Rushelle Kucala

Here's my first contest entry in Helpful Bear Production's Kaiju Contest. Fringehead is a aquatic, ancient creature that is about 450- 580 feet tall. He has been awaken from its sleep somewhere in the cold depths of the ocean. So Fringehead goes on a rampage, destroying everything in his path. I was greatly inspired by the sarcastic fringehead, crocodile, sharks, and a couple of carnivorous dinosaurs. Fringehead has very massive claws, especially on its index finger, that can extend out almost half its length. He also has teeth that are very similar to a sharks, they grow in multiple rows and shed on a regular basis to keep a fresh set of teeth always ready to bite prey. He also uses his strong, thick tail as a weapon to, smashing buildings into rubble. Fringehead has very thick scales all over his body, except his vulnerable underbelly that is very soft skin. Fringehead obviously gets his name from his giant frill that he displays when angry, defensive, or for display. When not in use he keeps it folded up against his head and neck. Hopefully Fringehead will get over his rage and go back to sleep!

I didn't win, but I had a lot of fun and I really love my kaiju's design.

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