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„Go Teddy“

from the gallery of Miki de Goodaboom

Watercolour and ink travel sketch painting of a Teddy bears and dolls used as scarecrows in a fruit plantation of the beautiful town of Nijar by the Cabo de Gata in Andalucia in Spain.

Painted on site while I visited the Cabo de Gata in January 2016.

Truffle McFurry tells the story:

" Hallo again everybody!

As I said yesterday, we had a fab time in the Cabo de Gata, but it almost went very wrong.

On the way there, we stopped in Nijar, the little beautiful town I told you about, where we bought the giant mugs. But we were not 5 minutes in the town when I got so incredibly scared by something I saw: one big Teddy bear, slit open, was sitting under a tree, tied to a long wooden post and a bit further away, another one, a tiny little one, was hanging in the air from a post! There were other sad creatures too, also tied to posts, dolls and a green mini-cow.    You might think it was a nice place to live for them, among the orange trees and the blossoming almond trees, but it was so creepy, poor things! So creepy that "I took my legs to my neck" (this is how the French say it!) and ran away as fast as I could and hid under the Boomobile!    Later Miki explained to me that they were all used as scarecrows by the finca owner to protect his fruits. I am sorry, but I have no pity for his fruit. It took Miki hours to calm me down and convince me to go on with the trip.    Well, I cannot forget what I have seen there, and I have decided to found "Go Teddy!", a league for the love, protection and support of all the Teddy Bears around the world.    PLEASE JOIN GOTEDDY!    Love you all (well, not the fruit guy...)    xx    Truffle"

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