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This is a quote from Seraphin Message 290. The background is two tables painted by the artist Rosie Jackson

Seraphin Message 290: GOD IS NOT WITH YOU: GOD IS YOU
Through Rosie, 29th January 2017

The bells ring for those who are cowering afraid in dungeons, who run in fear to dark holes, who nervously express pleasantries despite the feeling that something is wrong, who conceal and indeed fail to recognise their own light, their own creative possibilities and their own power.

We do not speak of POWER as it is usually understood in your world, as in possessing enough money to fulfil and sustain all sorts of personal desires on a material level. Neither do we talk of the power of controlling large militaries or dominating other individuals or countries. Neither are we referring to the power of reputation which may cause followers to run hither and thither in your name at the drop of a hat.

You may be familiar with the phase “in your name” from Christian or other traditions. This refers to GOD, as you call it, which actually means GODLINESS as a quality inherent in all. Thus the phrase would rightfully be IN OUR NAME, AMEN.
 You may possibly turn away your head in disgust to hear the “name of God” so interpreted. You may turn away in humility, unable to consider yourself worthy of being ONE OF GOD, and there are a host of other possible reactions, including GREAT FEAR THAT THIS MAY ACTUALLY BE SO, or GREAT FEAR AT THE REALISATION THAT THIS REQUIRES GODLIKE BEHAVIOUR FROM YOU, or GREAT PANIC IN FACE OF THE DEVASTATING CHANGE WHICH THIS PRINCIPLE – IF APPLIED BY ALL – WOULD (AND WILL!) INITIATE THE CRUMBLING AND (LIKE A CUMULATING AVALANCHE) COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT. We emphasise that this will not be the end of life, but the end of life AS YOU KNOW IT.    At this stage we would like to ask you a question: to what extent are you really, fully convinced that “life as you know it” is best continued, or is there need for improvement? If your are answer is EVERYTHING IS OK then you have failed to recognise the gross poverty, crime, abuse and exploitation on a humanitarian and environmental level which surrounds you, even if your personal observation of and involvement in such is limited.    It is not enough to sit contentedly in nice surroundings and to congratulate yourself that you “made it”. If so, your eyes are blinkered, and we ask you to take off the blinkers and MOVE INTO THE CROWD, INTO THE PROBLEM AREAS AND GO INTO ACTION IN ANY WAY WHICH INSPIRATION TAKES YOU.    What is this inspiration? Godly inspiration is not with you, or outside of you, IT IS WITHIN YOU, enabling you to transform yourselves, from one moment creeping like a slug to the next moment flying like a bird. If you are in the depths of emotional winter, it can lift you into spring. If you are at a “dead end”, it will open new avenues.    All this requires is a moment of stillness where you ask the question HOW CAN I LIVE MY GODLINESS? And the answer will be given to you in the form of words, or ideas, or signs, or visions, or in the conversation you next overhear, or through the encounter with the next person you meet. The whole universe is SOAKED IN GODLINESS, and you shall surely find it if you look.    Thus will you BECOME GOD AND ACT IMPECCABLY, bringing great joy to you and to others. This is your DIVINE MANDATE. We encourage you to take up this path. Seraphin    BOOK: THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES:    Seraphin is an angel who send us messages of hope and inspiration, as well as advice and practical suggestions. Our world requires a drastic makeover, and this will be fueled by a universal change of heart, by widening our perspectives, and by reconnecting to the divine core within us, which impels us to develop our skills in service to humanity. Seraphin’s statements provide remarkable insights, provoke intense reflection, and challenge our limited viewpoint. With great clarity, he points out the necessity for radical change, while encouraging us that we have the power to implement it.    Seraphin’s messages have been received telepathically by the artist Rosie Jackson from 2009 onwards.        

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