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Green Iguana,
Common Iguana ,
herbivorous species of lizard,
large geographic area,
A herbivore,
adapted significantly with regard to locomotion and osmoregulation
in captivity as a pet,
bright colors,  habitat,  species originated in South America,  found near water,  Agile climbers,  swimming,  propel through the water with powerful tail strokes,  popularity in the pet trade ,  food source in Latin America,  different colors,  territorial displays,  poor vision in low-light conditions,  sharp color vision ,  ultraviolet wavelengths,  predators,  sharp teeth ,  Primarily herbivorous,  small horns on their snouts ,  large lizard,  secrete a scent ,  laying clutches of eggs,  hatchlings,  preyed upon by hawks,  should consist of fresh leafy vegetables ,  access to fresh water,  invasive species,  destroy gardens and landscaping,  Iguana Information,  

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