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„Inspiration - Marvelousness in Simplicity - Das Wunderbare im Einfachen_Laura Benavides Lara“

from the gallery of Laura Benavides Lara

My picture for the contest has been taken in Calella de Palafrugell.
Calella de Palafrugell is one of three coastal towns belonging to the municipality of Palafrugell, province of Girona, Spain, the other two being Llafranc and Tamariu. It is part of the Costa Brava, the coastal region of northeastern Catalonia, in the comarca of Baix Empordà. Calella de Palafrugell is a small holiday resort and fishing village.
It's a nice place where you can see the beauty in simplicity and feel calm.

Picture ID: 992bef0
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Denise Davis 2015-04-29 19:05:58 UTC
I love it!
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Deleted Person 2014-08-05 13:49:10 UTC
I'm still in love with this fantastic take, Laura.
Hope you are doing well.
my best regards and wishes for you
Holger ;-)
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-08-08 11:25:41 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you very much, Holger.
I hope you're well too :)
My best wishes for you, my friend
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Wolfgang Pfensig 2014-03-05 00:50:41 UTC
The beauty lies in the simplicity of the untreated landscape, from far away from the hustle and bustle.
Although the first look at the superficial "primeval landscape" is drawn, the focus covers the entire image plane, this must be so.
The image composition and color is consistent.

Best regards, Wolfgang
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-03-05 10:35:15 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you very much for your comment, Wolgang!
Best wishes,
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Deleted Person 2014-02-24 06:21:06 UTC
My Overall impression is : The artis‘s idea to visualize a motive, that conveys peace and calm relaxation, is wonderful rendered. The marvelousness of visiting a shore like this creates the feeling to be free. A wonderful, but slightly dark atmosphere.
Simplicity is embedded in the figurative sense.
The compliance with the given topic can be recognized easily by keeping the title in mind, the artist‘s explanation or by your own interpretation. The message is clear immediately for nature lovers and artists ...

(part 2 follows)
Deleted Person 2014-02-24 06:21:51 UTC
n the picture description is explained very detailed, where the photo was taken; also the connection picture/given title ; it would be nice, if there were additional comments e.g. in german language - as a good service to for (elderly) visitors

In my opinion it is a very nice picture, but there are some other ideas to enhance the compliance to the given topic with technical features:
(position of the rock in the middle: perhaps it would be better to turn camera and use the two-thirds-rule, then automatically the sky part holds two thirds of the image and the big stone is placed somewhat left or right
wait for a sun-ray, lighting the big stone in the background and the scene completely a little bit.

The overall quality is very fine, but to to get the impression „marvelous“, the beauty could be enhanced a little bit.

Kind regards, Alfons
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© Ivonne Wentzler 2014-02-15 08:56:56 UTC
Ein stimmunfsvolles Bild, sehr schön gemacht!
LG Ivonne
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-15 10:24:44 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you, Ivonne!
Have a nice day!
Bastian Kienitz 2014-02-14 20:19:59 UTC
The scenery is beautiful and shows a coastline in Catalonia. The sea is very calm and showing small waves on the surface. The sky indicates that the weather is nice, however, clouds pile up on the horizon and pull from the sea to the land.

The sea represents the smallest part of the image. The much larger sections are the heaven and the highly structured coastal region. On this coast are very large boulders to see and the rock region is grained sediment like. This shows that this coastal region was strongly influenced by wind, weather and sea.

I particularly like the toning of the photo and the picturesque expression of the landscape. Well done and good luck.
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-15 10:24:04 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you very much for your comments, Bastian!
Good luck!
Have a nice day!
Bastian Kienitz 2014-02-14 20:04:04 UTC
Die Landschaft ist wunderschön und zeigt einen Küstenabschnitt in Katalonien. Das Meer ist sehr ruhig und zeigt kleine Wellen auf der Oberfläche. Der Himmel zeigt an, dass schönes Wetter ist, sich jedoch Wolken am Horizont auftürmen und vom Meer aus zum Land ziehen.

Das Meer stellt den kleinsten Teil des Bildes. Die weitaus größeren Abschnitte beanspruchen der Himmel und die stark strukturierte Küstenregion. An dieser Küste sind sehr große Findlinge zu sehen und die Felsenregion ist sedimentartig gekörnt. Dies zeigt, dass diese Küstenregion sehr stark von Wind, Wetter und Meer geprägt wurde.

Mir gefällt vor allem die Tonung des Fotos und der malerische Ausdruck der Landschaft. Gerne betrachtet und viel Glück.
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Stefan Kierek 2014-02-13 14:12:45 UTC
Das sieht nach einem Platz aus, an dem man sich lange aufhalten kann. Das Rauschen der Wellen, die Felsen als Sitzgelegenheit und der Ausblick auf die Weite des Meeres sind eigentlich alles ganz einfache Dinge, die zusammen etwas Wunderbares bewirken können!
Sehr schön!

Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-13 19:26:04 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you, Stefan!
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Deleted Person 2014-02-12 18:35:39 UTC
You gave us 3 requirements of our living here on this planet, earth, air and water. The elements we all need for our existence. The forth one, the fire, is in our souls, there is no need to offer it to us. We all got it inside of us. It is just MARVELOUS and touching me right now really hard. It is so beautiful, that I have to hold back my tears of luck. A SIMPLE scene, which is overwhelming me. What to say? I love this pic nearly more than your wonderful name :). One of my favorites. Could get jealous in two ways... . First, that you made the pic and not me. Second, that you were at such a wonderful place and not me.
Well, I'm not jealous, but only because I am glad for you.
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-13 08:40:00 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Dear Holger,

Funny that you, unknowingly, gave me the key.
When I worked my image, I had that awareness of the elements. Somehow I wanted the four elements were present in my image.
Somehow I felt the fire without the fire was present.
You say "The forth one, the fire, is in our souls, there is no need to offer it to us," and you solved my question.
What can I say? You have understood my work perfectly. You have entered him deeply. You have connected to the vastness that I intended to show.
I can only be grateful and happy for it. Thank you very much, my friend!

P. D. We are Europeans. The distances are short. Fast and cheap aircraft. I feel that you would love the place where I took the photograph. A beautiful villa. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it.
Barbara Pfannstiel 2014-02-12 17:29:25 UTC
Eine Landschaft, wild und ursprünglich. Dazu dieser fantastische Himmel! Ich träume mich dorthin ...
Einfach wunderschön!
Liebe Grüße
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-13 08:11:58 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Many thanks Barbara!
Best wishes,
Barbara Pfannstiel liked this artwork 2014-02-12 17:29:25 UTC
realm-of-phantasy 2014-02-12 17:17:54 UTC
Very beautiful!!
Kind regards
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-13 08:10:32 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Many thanks, Jutta!
Best wishes,
realm-of-phantasy liked this artwork 2014-02-12 17:17:14 UTC
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Deleted Person 2014-02-12 11:52:21 UTC
Der naturbelassene, bislang von Menschenhand verschont gebliebene Landstrich vermittelt rohe Ursprünglichkeit, natürlich von Wind und Wasser geformt, unter einem schön gefärbten Himmel, getaucht in ein wundervolles Licht. Hier möchte man seine Seele baumeln lassen.

I follow also the notations of Anna.

Good luck, dear Laura!
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-13 08:10:10 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you for your kind words. Good luck my friend!
Ines Fritzkowski 2014-02-12 08:44:09 UTC
Ich glaube hier findet man Ruhe und Zeit zum Nachdenken. Wunderbare Stimmung!
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-12 10:02:40 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you, Ines!
Kume Bryant 2014-02-12 00:34:05 UTC
Very peaceful outer world like image that draws me in. Nicely done Laura!
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-12 10:02:32 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you, Kume!
Kume Bryant liked this artwork 2014-02-12 00:31:21 UTC
die-farbenfluesterin liked this artwork 2014-02-11 22:53:47 UTC
Erwin Lorenzen 2014-02-11 22:38:54 UTC
Bei der Erschaffung dieses Landstriches hat sich der liebe Gott einen Tag mehr Zeit gelassen. Wundervolle Farbtöne zeigst Du in Deinem Werk. Schön anzusehen vG Erwin
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-12 10:02:22 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you, Erwin!
Erwin Lorenzen liked this artwork 2014-02-11 22:34:46 UTC
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Barbara Keichel 2014-02-11 15:45:53 UTC
Das Meer lädt zum träumen ein, Sehnsucht zur Ferne...
tolle Perspektive.
Einfach und schön, mir gefällt es. Gruß Barbara
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-12 10:02:08 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Many thanks, Barbara!
Barbara Keichel liked this artwork 2014-02-11 15:45:53 UTC
Uwe Karmrodt 2014-02-11 15:04:36 UTC
Diese Momente am Meer, in denen man zu sich selbst findet und sich mit allem verbunden fühlt. Wunderbar eingefangen. Es könnte jetzt sein oder irgendwann. Einfache Elemete, die eine wunderfolle Stimmung erzeugen.
Viel Glück und viele Grüße Uwe
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-12 10:01:56 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you, Uwe! Have a nice day!
Uwe Karmrodt liked this artwork 2014-02-11 15:04:36 UTC
Anna Wacker 2014-02-11 14:52:57 UTC
Dear Laura, in your picture one can find the bare essence of life, its purity, its simple beginnings. Man may travel far and wide in life, but he will find true peace and harmony in the simplicity he has distanced himself from. Wonderful work, Laura! :)
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-12 10:09:05 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Divine words. Thank you very much, dear Anna!
Anna Wacker liked this artwork 2014-02-11 14:49:33 UTC
Holger Barghorn liked this artwork 2014-02-11 14:05:13 UTC
© Ivonne Wentzler liked this artwork 2014-02-11 13:30:18 UTC
artisanphoto liked this artwork 2014-02-11 13:00:47 UTC
Deleted Person 2014-02-11 10:36:57 UTC
A wonderful sky and rocks in the foreground make this a lovely capture. Good luck Laura!
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-11 10:53:52 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you Lynn! :)
Ines Fritzkowski liked this artwork 2014-02-11 09:28:47 UTC
Deleted Person 2014-02-11 09:22:40 UTC
Great mood! I think Manfred is right! Wonderful picture!
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-11 13:18:32 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Many thanks Ernst
Steffan Martens 2014-02-11 09:20:53 UTC
Bild mit einen tollen Stimmung.
Einfach mal den Moment genießen und den Blick schweifen lassen.
Sehr gut.
Beste Grüße, Steffan
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-11 13:18:15 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you steffan
CHRISTINE LAKE 2014-02-11 09:18:30 UTC
The clouds take on the same almost barren beauty of the land itself,making it one. This could be anywhere, real or imagery a place where dreams could come true. Love this.
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-11 13:18:00 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you Christine
CHRISTINE LAKE liked this artwork 2014-02-11 09:18:30 UTC
Steffan Martens liked this artwork 2014-02-11 09:16:26 UTC
Frank Siegling liked this artwork 2014-02-11 08:51:30 UTC
Deleted Person 2014-02-11 08:49:11 UTC
Eine wundervolle Szene! Da bleibt viel Platz zum Nachdenken. Von mir aus könnte das Bild am ersten Tag der Schöpfung entstanden sein.


Liebe Grüße, Manfred
Laura Benavides Lara 2014-02-11 13:17:36 UTC
(creator of the artwork)
Thank you very much Manfred
Andrea Hensen liked this artwork 2014-02-11 08:47:03 UTC
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