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„Mandala Illuminated Cross“

from the gallery of Peter Awax

It's been quiet some time and I'm hooked to view old illuminated manuscripts books, and start to form in my head that I need to do some mandala with the same idea of bringing illumination to the artwork. So I decided to chose a cross which was uniquely I designed it to look like a piece of thin metal placed on top of another piece of old rusty metal. The most difficult and challenging part was to add that illumination to look like very real, as if's really shining. Most of my time was spend to achieve the luminescence effect which finally I got satisfied with it. The rest of the design is inspired by some Armenian and Byzantine decorative old shapes. The background color is so similar to the illuminated manuscripts books and textures, because I wanted to have that feeling and touch every time I look at the mandala. Now I wonder how that golden illuminated color will look like after printing on canvas?

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