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„Midgard Serpent“

from the gallery of Rushelle Kucala

In Norse mythology Loki had three monstrous children, Fenris, Hel, and Jormungand. The gods were horrified by these beasts Loki has spawned so they had Jormungand thrown into the ocean surrounding Midgard, and Hel was thrown in Niflheim. Jormungand was the world serpent, getting his name due to the fact he was so large he encircled the whole world. Thor and Jormungand were great enemies and on more than one occasion tried to kill Jormungand, but always failed to. Until Ragnarok, the doom of the gods. The two faced off and while Jormungand spewed venom at Thor, he managed to bash Jormungand's head in with his mighty hammer, but sadly was poisoned by Jormungand's toxic venom and died after taking 9 steps.

I felt like drawing something based on Norse mythology and decided to draw these two since I loved reading the stories of their battles as a kid. Plus, Jormungand being a huge sea serpent naturally inspired my imagination. I really tried doing something new with Jormungand, although I love the designs other artists have made I felt like totally redesigning him, not make him the stereotypical sea serpent. I'm also happy with the how the "camera view' is focused on Jormungand, but out of focus on Thor. Very happy with this one.

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