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„Morlock Seeder Dancing“

from the gallery of Rushelle Kucala

I decided to make a new Morlock breed based on a personal phobia of mine. I have a huge phobia of parasites or anything insect like inside the body, I seriously freak out when I see documentary on those type of things. So this is my fear come to life, a Morlock Seeder. Morlock Seeders are about 18 inches long when full grown and are sexually mature at 3 months old. They are very slug like and have these huge frills that lift up when threatened or about to impregnate its victim. They keep their tongue rolled up in its skull just like a butterfly's proboscis. To keep the host still is injects a nueromuscular paralyzing venom, they also inject 1 or 2 eggs. Infant grows very rapidly, takes 3 days to finally leave the host. Host suffers massive pain, but is kept alive through the whole process. Around the wound is a lot of swelling, bruising, and puss tends to ooze from it. After 3 days the baby finally burst thru the host resulting in a painful death caused from loss of blood and/or infection. Lots of foul smelling puss bursts out along with blood. Although it's one of the tinier breeds of Morlocks it is definitely one of the most feared.

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