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„Morlocks Vs. Kiruchi the Queen“

from the gallery of Rushelle Kucala

Felt like doing a drawing of Morlock beasts fighting a Kiruchi and I love how this turned out. Both Morlocks and Kiruchi tend to hate each other and are at war over who keeps their feeding grounds, Earth. Here a Morlocks King roars as he swoops in for a attack, ignoring the black blood coming from his mouth and right wing, while the Morlock bleeders latch on to the male Kiruchi, defending their king and injecting him with their fatal venom. The venom is taking effect, causing him to bleed violently out of his eyes, mouth, wounds, and nose. But it'll take more then that to take down a Kiruchi, it ignores the loss of blood and uses one of it's most powerful attacks, it opens it's jaws and out comes mouth after mouth after mouth, all shooting out of each other towards the King. All Kiruchi can do this, but they can only reach out 3 mouths or lower. Also a few mouths on his neck and back are forming, biting the Bleeders and dragging them into their mouths.Both species are evenly matched, but who will win?

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