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„Omulyana: Cosmic Map Mandala“

from the gallery of Peter Barreda

Every mandala is a map of the entire universe, with all its fleeting moments, eternal truths and infinite possibilities. It is a cartography of cosmic structure, a visual representation of the potentiality of form, the variability of circumstance, the endless expressions of beauty that can emerge from the pulsing heart of being. It is as if we could stand outside of the universe and draw a diagram of the relationships we see, the interwoven threads of cause and effect that stretch from the origins of time and space into the unimaginably distant future. It is a vision of such beauty and complexity that we can never hope to fully grasp it, deep and rich beyond our capacity to understand. And for all the apparent chaos that we see around us, to all appearances it remains invariably out there—around us, enveloping and even isolating us. But whatever the mandala’s pattern, however chaotic its flow, there is always a central point, a bindu, to which its strength and stability are anchored. And this central point is the “You Are Here” label that situates you in the world.

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