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„Porch of the Karakul Jamaat Mosque“

from the gallery of Marjolein Katsma

The porch at the entrance of the Karakul Mosque. I loved the lattice work of it, painted in the same color that is often used for window frames.

I cannot decipher Arabic script yet, but the Cyrillic script on the blue board is not Russian, but probably Tajik (which is normally written in this script). It reads: "????-??? ?????? ??????" (pronounced more or less like "Karakol zhamaat mechiti"). This means as much as 'Karakul jamaat mosque".

Now this is interesting because while the Tajiks are mostly Ismaili Muslims, and use a 'Jama'at khana' for their social gatherings as well as prayer, the people here in the North-East are ethnic Kyrgyz (like in the neighboring area of China and Kyrgyzstan to the north), who use actual mosques (however small they may be). This building also has two small minarets, so clearly it is indeed a mosque, not a jamatkhana. So, I'm not clear what the 'jamaat' bit is doing in there.

All of which does not make this little porch any less lovely!

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