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... an original multimedia acrylic/oil sketch, Frederick Maryland, early fall colors. This is based on pictures that I took while living for a while in Frederick .. accomplished in a traditional-modern style.
I paint both realist and digital abstracts. My digital abstracts are of design and colors. My realist pieces express "motif", giving my artistic focus and presence to the work, based on views of real life and real people. For more pictures, and special edition custom signed prints, here are some links:

sites... - Art - Online Fine Art/ (Recent / Favorites Online Fine Art) - (paintings & prints) - or (Fine Art Nude Paintings and Digital Art) - (home decor examples) - (review of online fine art) - (Traditional-Modern painting)

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google+... - (paintings) - (nudes, goddesses) - - with circles "artists art", "traditional modern art"; you can also find me by searching on google+, g linsenmayer Or, online, search "g linsenmayer"...

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