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The painting RECONCILATION urges us to increase our capabilities for love and reconciliation, as expressed in the following text, a telepathic message received by the artist Rosie Jackson:

Through Rosie, 2nd January 2015

What is your task in this world, you may ask, throwing your hands up into the air and looking at me helplessly.

I, as part of the DIVINE, or creation, or love, or light, will answer this;

 The first question is: do you conceive yourself as such? Do you recognise that there are messages being sent to you which REQUIRE TRANSLATION? Do you recognise pure, inspired, sacred, unique thoughts as they suddenly enter your mind unannounced, throwing you into a realm BEYOND YOUR USUAL FRAME OF REFERENCE? Thoughts so compelling that they take your breath away DEMANDING “TRANSLATION” AND ACTION – in a form for you yourself to choose – so that they can be UNDERSTOOD BY OTHERS who have not yet had access to this particular thought via YOUR PARTICULAR LANGUAGE?    Note that the hallmark of such inspired thoughts, sent to you by heavenly guides, is their very purity, their ability to make you fall off your chair, their ability to make you shout EUREKA and dance a jig in utter joy. The sort of thought which makes you say NOW WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE? And this is where the beauty of the process kicks in. Your personal unseen guide or angel – acting in accordance with divine decree has placed this thought in your mind PRECISELY BECAUSE IT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED TO HEAR. It is the EXACT SOLUTION for you present predicament. It is the PERFECT NEXT STEP ON YOUR JOURNEY.    Will you receive it as such? Will you crumble, overcome by feelings of unworthiness or helplessness in the face of such mighty suggestions? Or will you rise to complete your task as DIVINE EMMISARY?    So, providing you can recognise what a message is and what purpose it serves, the next step is to present it in a way which INFORMS THE REST OF THE WORLD OF YOUR INTENT, WHICH CONSOLIDATES YOUR PLANS AND WHICH DELIGHTS YOUR HEART, INSPIRING YOU TO EVEN GREATER HEIGHTS AND NEW VENTURES.    How efficient are you as translators, Beloveds? Do you procrastinate, saying that other matters are more important? Do you use “translation tools” instead of using your OWN UNIQUE MIND AND UNIQUE WAYS OF EXPRESSION? Do you do a second rate job because you despair at the very outset at ever finding the exact wording or related action? Do you never start because you cannot believe that so perfect an idea or thought could have been placed before you? Do you keep to the script or do you place your own interpretation on the words (for ulterior motives) to convey something WHICH WAS NOT PART OF THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE?    We beg you to listen; we bring great news to you always. We leave packages and letters and signs and telegrams and hints and warnings CONTINUOUSLY at your mental doors, using thoughts implanted into your heads as well as stimuli in the form of incidents and encounters. Will you throw them away, condemning them as “coincidence”? Will you fear them as proof of “magic”? We are putting these into your lives DELIBERATELY so that YOU can take on THE LIFE DIVINE, so that we can jointly provide those round you with a simple, uncorrupted view of the workings of “God” or “Divine Consciousness” for all to see and enjoy, so that all may profit, so that you all may become our beloved messengers, so that you may joyfully emit our teachings and through your actions MANIFEST OUR CONCERNS, PRODUCE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR GLOBAL PROBLEMS AND SPREAD MESSAGES OF HOPE AND CHANGE AND RECONCILIATION SO THAT YOUR WHOLE GLOBE IS SATURATED WITH LOVE.    Will you listen, Beloveds? Will you translate our concerns accurately for the outside world who knows so little of our existence? If so, we thank you. Seraphin.    BOOK: THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES:

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