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This painting (60 x 60 cm, acrylics on canvas by Rosie Jackson) is based on the following message from the angel Seraphin, received telepathically in 2014.

Seraphin Message 187: SEEK THE ROSE
Through Rosie, June 2014

We, the celestial beings observing your planet, wish to speak to you now. You are similar to sleepers resting within cocoons of your own making, sometimes wondering what may be beyond the wall, but still reluctant to awake. The DIVINE LIGHT WILL TOUCH YOU, Beloveds, so that you will need to rise from your slumber and address what surrounds you.

Beyond the wall you erected due to a combination of fear, desire to protect and wish to stay within a certain “safe” mind-frame (or so you anticipated) is a desert waste. The ground is parched. You scour the horizon for a sign of growth, yet the dry expanse is unrelenting. It is the confirmation of your worst dreams, and initially you congratulate yourselves on building the wall, wishing to retreat behind it again.

And yet, the DIVINE LIGHT, which has ignited your own DIVINE LIGHT WITHIN YOU, is quietly whispering SEEK THE ROSE IN THE DESERT. When you hear these words you are transfixed by a vision of beauty so poignant that you start to tremble. Tears fall as you REMEMBER the beauty that once was – long, long, long ago. And so you breathe more deeply, turning your eyes once more to explore the horizon in search of the beauty, but you encounter a desecrated landscape of ravaged trees and demolished buildings.
 With a shock of realisation you understand that this was carried out WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. You intend – voicing this with great determination – that this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. You approach the dead trees, put your arms around them and say PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I AM SORRY. I WILL PROTECT YOU.    And because the spark of divinity within you has been lighted, you will fill the tree with new life. Just as you can rejuvenate your surroundings, so does the DIVINE LIGHT work in agreement with you, turning the land to sea, filling the sky with its joyful and colourful presence FOR ALL TO SEE.    And still you hear the whisper SEARCH FOR THE ROSE WHICH WILL MIRROR YOUR FUTURE, AND GIVE BIRTH TO THAT WHICH YOU FIND. GROW BEAUTY, INNOCENCE, LAUGHTER AND LOVE AND BESTOW YOURSELF AS SEEDS ON THE DESERT PLAIN TILL ALL THE WORLD IS A GARDEN.    (This text was given to me to accompany and inspire a new painting SEEK THE ROSE)            

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