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„Sophia Loren“

from the gallery of Zeana Romanovna

This art work was a real labor of love as I adore all old movies and the actors and actresses that created them together. As I was postworking my painting I thought about what I was doing - glamorizing an already very glamorous woman, and with that in mind, I would love any younger viewers, particularly young women to know that what some of us can do with faces and bodies is not real, and these images should not be used as something you need ever aspire to looking like. The only way you can look like this is if you too are exhaustively worked on until the beautiful flaws of Mother nature are removed.
Sophia Loren was born with the name of Sofia Villani Scicolone in the Clinica Regina Margherita in Rome, Italy,daughter of Romilda Villani (1914–1991) and Riccardo Scicolone, a construction engineer of Sicilian and Venetian origins. Scicolone refused to marry Villani, leaving Romilda, a piano teacher and aspiring actress, without support. Loren's parents had another child together, her sister Anna Maria Villani Scicolone, in 1938. Loren has two younger paternal half-brothers, Giuliano and Giuseppe. Romilda, Loren, and Maria lived with Loren's grandmother in Pozzuoli, near Naples, to survive.
During World War II, the harbour and munitions plant in Pozzuoli was a frequent bombing target of the Allies. During one raid, as Loren ran to the shelter, she was struck by shrapnel and wounded in the chin. After that, the family moved to Naples, where they were taken in by distant relatives.
After the war, Loren and her family returned to Pozzuoli. Grandmother Luisa opened a pub in their living room, selling homemade cherry liquor. Villani played the piano, Maria sang and Loren waited on tables and washed dishes. The place was very popular with the American GIs stationed nearby.

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