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„Sylvie Sieglinde“

from the gallery of Mariana M. L. Brito

Sylvie Sieglinde is a character of a RPG game that my friends and I play calls Eye's World. The characters start a journey after meet Una, The First Guardian of The Portal of Amathep, a kind of God that give life to the Eye's World. She says that Amathep give, when he finish the world, a gift to the habitants, the 7 Portals of Amathep. Every one have a guardian that give power for the one how forms the ELO with him. But she says too about a blasphemy cult of Amathep that try to take the power of the guardians to evil purpose. So, our character have to save the world with ther own power and of the guardian

Sieglinde is the work of my friend Kirara, aka Jessica and is a elf. Yes, a elf, not a fairy. In the Eye's World, the elfs came from trees, so they have wings that represent the tree that the family came from. In the case of Sylvie, a purple Ipê, a brazilian's famous tree.

Well, I guess is a brazilian's tree. Wikipedia says: " A maioria das espécies são encontradas no sudoeste paraense, na área do municipio Altamirense, e na maior floresta de ipês do Brasil, a floresta do Macapichi." Or in English: " Most species are found in southwestern Pará (PA-Brazil), in the area of the municipality Altamirense, and most ipês forest of Brazil, the forest Macapichi"

She is normally indiferent and easily angry, but have a kind heart and a strong sense of justice. She decide to travel in the world because of storys of her father about his adventures. Her mother hate the ideia, but she leaves Sylvie decide her own destiny. Sieglinde have a secret that no one should know, or her life is in risk. I put a small tip in the painting about it. But is very tiny and to understand it you have to know a some about the Eye's Worlds or compare her image with Jorin, another elf in the group that in exact moment I haven't painting yet, unfortunally D:

One day I will make a comic about it...

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