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„Temporary Amsterdam - Covered cover“

from the gallery of Marjolein Katsma

On a historical city hike with my friends we had to cross the Ferdinand Bolstraat. My eyes fixed on the high-rise building of the Okura hotel, suddenly my attention was drawn by something yellow in the corner of my eye.

So, I looked down and found one image fitting no less than three of my permanent themes: Look down!, Covered (see below) and Temporary Amsterdam (ditto). We use yellow road markings for temporary markings so they can easily be distinguished from the regular (white) ones – if you are not color blind that is: you might have trouble then – and there was indeed some building activity going on near there.

The yellow paint was slathered on quite thickly (unusual), and in the process the little ‘AVK’ cover (part of a ‘straatpot’: a surface box) had been covered completely in it, and somehow its label had also gone lost in the process. These little lids are used to cover access to various utilities such as water mains valves, gas, etc. and usually carry a (often color-coded) label in the rectangular slot to indicate whats accessible below (see examples here), or else a word imprinted in its surface – but neither is to be found here any more! When the works are done and they strip the yellow markings, they may have to replace the cover as well... Normally the color codes on these lids are yellow for gas, blue for water and red for fire prevention.

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