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This painting by Rosie Jackson is based on the telepathically received Seraphin Message, quoted below. Rosie has also composed a song of the same name:

Seraphin Message 239: TO THE MESSENGERS OF LIGHT
Through Rosie, 1st September 2015

Yes, it is you, dear Children on Earth, to whom we are speaking. If you are reading these words and are filled with the immense possibilities which life can unfold to you, if you feel a quickening impulse within you to do something of REAL LASTING WORTH IN YOUR LIFE WHICH BENEFITS OTHERS, if you dream of huge vistas and endless opportunities, if you imagine yourself celebrating your achievements with others following the climax of your co-creative activities, IT IS YOU WE WISH TO ADDRESS TODAY.

Who are the messengers of light? It is you who have, whether you remember this choice consciously or subconsciously, CHOSEN to incarnate on this earth at this particular juncture in order to EXPERIENCE these crucial times and in order to REVERSE THE PERILOUS SITUATION CREATED OVER MANY CENTURIES BY THE GLOBAL POPULATION COLLECTIVELY.
 You may look up with surprise when we classify you as a MESSENGER OF LIGHT, for you are too humble to suppose that you are an important personage with such great powers of transformation, YET THIS IS SO. As we move forward in these intense times when all forces – both negative and positive – refine themselves into pure ”good” or pure “evil” – YOUR SPECIFIC SERVICES ARE REQUIRED.    We encourage you to go into meditation and ask your internal GOD WITHIN why you are here NOW, what experiences you bring with you which are beneficial FOR THIS EXPERIENCE NOW, and in which way you can best PREPARE YOURSELVES, FOR YOU HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT AND ENORMOUS JOB AHEAD OF YOU. Your kindness, your stability, your authority, your integrity, your critical awareness, your fairness, your energy and dedication will all serve to eradicate THE OPPOSITE WHICH PERVADES AND WHICH DESTROYS YOUR WORLD.    Every move you make which STRENGTHENS these qualities will add to the momentum of change. Often you cannot bear to look at the destruction and perversity around you. There is no need to burden yourselves with this unnecessarily, though a very sharp awareness is necessary. Hold to your principles and your path as never before. We are talking about the TRANSFORMATION OF A PLANET, about THE CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW SOCIETY, which necessarily involves THE DESTRUCTION OF THE OLD.    Are you still open-mouthed at this revelation of your beauty and significance, oh children of the light? It is time to STEP INTO YOUR GLORY AND SPREAD THE LIGHT WHICH SHINES WITHIN YOU. If it is covered by dross or hidden, LET IT OUT. Release all fear and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, STATE YOUR OPINIONS AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD.    You are all unique and placed at certain junctions on the earth’s surface in certain constellations and groups IN ORDER TO HAVE A JOINT SYNERGY EFFECT. SEEK OTHERS OF YOUR ILK. RECOGNISE THOSE WHO OSCILLATE AT THE SAME VIBRATION AS YOURSELVES. Thus will you form support groups so that you can together go out into the world and PROVIDE BEAUTY, JOY AND TRUTH.    Do not take this message lightly, for you are our very own MESSENGERS OF LIGHT whose memories of WHY they are here and WHAT THEY INTENDED TO DO AS THEIR LIFE’S PURPOSE will return to them as old memories and intentions (pinpointed before the onset of this particular incarnation) resurface. Do not reject the idea that you are simply a character standing on the sidelines of a play in full swing. You have the power to CHANGE THE STORY LINE and PROPEL THE ACTION TO A FINAL AND HAPPY CONCLUSION.    All stories made in “heaven” (and this is one of them, orchestrated by the celestial hierarchy which oversees the entire universe), have a HAPPY END, BECAUSE THE LIGHT ALWAYS WINS (AND IT WILL WIN OVER THIS ROGUE PLANETARY POPULATION). YOU ARE PART OF THAT TEAM AND WE GREET YOU AND SUPPORT YOU IN THIS GLORIOUS UNDERTAKING. We refer you also to Message 99 which this scribe shall attach. More will become clear as time progresses, but for now we take our leave, Seraphin and the Legion of Light.        Message 99, 22nd May 2012  WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE?    Dearest Children on Earth who have no trust in your DIVINITY:    The fact that you are gods of divine origin with divine blueprints has escaped your attention (and this is astonishing for us to watch). Your attention is elsewhere, sucked up by pre-determined activities and amusements.    Yet if you conduct your searches diligently, seeking that which has been radically and systematically eradicated from your holy books over the centuries, you will discover and retrieve this, YOUR TRUE NATURE, YOUR TRUE RELATIONSHIP TO THE CREATIVE COSMIC SOURCE. While this may be beyond your present comprehension, you are always in a working partnership with Source which is IN YOU and WITH YOU ALWAYS.    So, as divine messengers, we would like to ask: WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE? What “vibes” are you sending out into the world around you, and what sort of message does the world REQUIRE so that the vibrations of this planet can be raised to those of complete harmony?    ARE YOU MAKING A DIFFERENCE? Know that the answer to this question will always be YES. Your messages, words, emotions, actions, insinuations, accusations, congratulations, praises, expressions of gratitude, attempts to reunite, disperse, corrupt, inspire or condemn – ALL THESE ARE MESSAGES WHICH HAVE THEIR EFFECT.    These may not always be measurable by the human eye in the physical sense, due to your limited or untrained powers of perception in other realms and dimensions as yet unfamiliar to you. However, should you attempt to familiarise yourselves with the world of dreams, meditation and spiritual experience, it will become all too clear that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, that EVERYTHING IMPACTS EVERYTHING ELSE, and that your thoughts and intentions MANIFEST AS YOUR OWN CREATIONS 100 % of the time.    And time itself is merely a RETARDING AGENT BETWEEN THOUGHT CONCEPTION AND THOUGHT MANIFESTATION, FOR THE PURPOSE OF LEARNING: FOR THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE, DEAREST CHILDREN: LEARNING TO BE CREATORS, LEARNING TO BECOME MORE AND MORE LIKE THE ETERNAL CREATIVE SOURCE.    Your journey, likewise, is eternal. Your imprint in this life is but one footstep on a continued path upwards. You may stop, rearrange, open doors, close doors or take “time-out” on the way, but there will always be a light, an inspiration, a sign, drawing you along into the next experience. Thus you determine your own path and your own happiness, assisted by the heavenly realms which – at this moment – still remain unseen. And by your own decisions, you similarly determine the happiness of those around you.    So we repeat our question:  WHAT MESSAGE ARE YOU SENDING?    Are you sending MESSAGES OF CLARITY, or are they vague and uncommittal?  Are you sending MESSAGES OF BEAUTY, while ignoring ugliness?  Are you sending MESSAGES OF ULTIMATE TOLERANCE, allowing others to indulge in unpleasant or perverse behaviour?  Are you sending MESSAGES OF CONSERVATIVE POLITENESS, bound by rigid structures which you have collectively imposed?  Are you sending MESSAGES OF BOREDOM, to be relieved only by increased consumerism or physical gratification?  Or are you sending NO MESSAGE AT ALL, in which case there are others only too happy to fill in this void for you, not always in your best interests.    The time has come to send HOLY MESSAGES, proclaiming the sanctity of life, the value of integrity, the necessity for full responsibility.    The time has come to send MESSAGES OF HONESTY, admitting mistakes and revealing corruption.    The time has come to send MESSAGES OF LOVE, irrespective of the response, irrespective of the degree of forgiveness that this involves.    Dearest Children of Earth: we urge you to RE-EVALUTE YOUR ROLES AT THIS MOMENTOUS TIME IN YOUR HISTORY. We urge you to RECOGNISE YOUR DIVINE SELVES and your GREAT CREATIVE POWER WHICH WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE FLOURISHING OF A NEW, PEACEFUL SOCIETY ON EARTH.  We love you, Seraphin    

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