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„The Shift to Spirit Matter and Eternal Spring“

from the gallery of Rosie Jackson

A painting by Rosie Jackson
80 x 80 cm, acrylics on canvas, 2019

This painting epitomizes the freshness of Spring, containing marigolds, daffodils, tulips, birds, butterflies, bees and cherry blossom, in gentle greens and brilliant yellows. In the foreground are seedlings of plants which possess medicinal, nutritional and practical attributes, such as hemp, ginger and spelt. The trust between animal and humans is demonstrated by the robin perching on a finger, and by the squirrel sitting on a hand.

Love between humankind is represented by the central couple. They are both inhabited by a divine fragment (symbolised by a heart) which provides them with divine counsel. The hearts contain both green and pink dots. In the ever-increasing layers above the couple, which represent their expansion into huge “light beings”, the green dots grow into massive spheres, and the pink dots disappear. The pink dots are electrons which carry “animal mind” information, and the green spheres are photons which store acquired wisdom. The disappearance of electrons and progression to a “photon only” mind storage system marks the transition into true spirit beings. This is a journey which will take us through many lives and to many planets, the names of which are written below the rising sun. Of especial note is EDENTIA, the inspiration for the GARDEN OF EDEN which once graced our planet.

How do we change from “animal mind” to “god mind”? How can we promulgate eternal spring?

Seraphin Message 369: ETERNAL SPRING  Through Rosie, 8/9th February, 2019    What is SPRING, Beloveds?    Is it a yearly repetition, a cycle of rising in sudden enthusiasm, only to fall moments later into the same debilitating or depressing routine? Is it part of an UP AND DOWN or LIFE AND DEATH process, in continuous procession? Is it a fleeting fantasy in which you are momentarily fascinated by the NEW? Is it a BURST OF UNPRECENDENTED GROWTH, followed by decline? Are you every year surprised anew by the strength of budding nature? Had you forgotten it during the cold and dreary winter days?    What would ETERNAL SPRING look like? Would this not be a CONTINUED HIGH and CONTINUOUS GROWTH? Can you imagine that this intensity may one day be YOURS FOR THE TAKING? We say “yours for the taking” in the sense that nature naturally produces ABUNDANCE, if allowed to do so, for your pleasure and sustenance. But we must draw your attention to the fact that TAKING with impunity will lead to the VERY OPPOSITE OF ETERNAL SPRING.    To allow this to come into effect, YOU ARE PIVOTAL. And the pivot which you must adopt is HOW CAN MY ACTIONS BENEFIT THE WHOLE? While the “eternal spring” scenario does allow for recuperation, it requires stringent continuity and oversight in order to be SUSTAINED, meaning constant awareness and constantly high moral principles.    There can be no more looking assiduously in one direction without surveying the complete landscape. There will be no greeting one fraction of people while excluding the rest. There will be no cutting of trees without replacing them. These principles will apply to ALL AREAS OF LIFE – we have here given you but a few examples. CARE FOR ALL will be one of your top priorities.    You will emerge from the OLD and attempt to retain that freshness of Spring in all areas in which you are involved - renovating, discarding that which is unnecessary and “ugly”, and presenting a new, pleasant and constantly up-to-date face to the world.    Not to do so will mean stagnant areas of decay, secrecy and contamination, such as the ones you see around you in your world today. These must be eliminated. Full transparency must prevail. This does not mean discarding everything in the sense of wastage, but constantly assessing what is actually necessary for movement forward and for the greatest collective good.    We warn you that this stage will be upon you sooner than you think. Blessings on all whose aim it is to contribute to ETERNAL SPRING ON EARTH, for she surely needs your love and support. Will you be able to achieve this, on a physical (which is ALWAYS a reflection of the spiritual) plane and on a mental plane? The choice is yours, Beloveds. Prepare yourselves for this difficult but also wonderful period of renewal.    As you search through the trees scouring through the darkness, a pinpoint of light bursts through the branches, a sign that the sun has breached the horizon, reached another corner of your world, to uplift and reinvent you, to comfort and feed you, proclaiming to you the myriad possibilities before you, moving from night to day, marking the departure into ETERNAL LIGHT.    We look forward to supporting you, Seraphin.  

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