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Acrylics on canvas, 180 x 50 cm, October 2018

What do we mean by the word GOD? In other languages, there are thousands of names for GOD which designate SOMETHING DIVINE WHICH IS GREATER THAN OURSELVES. Often, due to misleading religious texts, people are deluded into thinking that this is an actual person with phenomenal powers, looking down from a cloud and surveying everyone with a disapproving eye. Yet this force is NOT a human form which demonstrates human emotions, is NOT limited to our own skies and is NOT limited by our concepts of what we think we already know.

This force has always been in existence and has created ALL and thus SATURATES THE WHOLE COSMOS. It can also be called UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS or MIND or LIFE or CREATION or SPIRIT or DIVINE FORCE, and it is present in every living cell. It is aware of every thought, movement and development everywhere, and thus connects all.

It is an ORGANISM which includes US ALL and whose knowledge and wisdom is capable of GUIDING US ALL. It has REPLICATED ITSELF THROUGH US. We carry inside ourselves a piece of ALL-KNOWING COSMIC STARDUST which makes us a UNIQUE PERSONALITY and, at the same time, a FRACTAL of the whole. We can consult with this cosmic fragment inside us. It is sometimes called a FATHER FRAGMENT or THE FATHER WITHIN YOU. We need NO MEDIATORS for this inner communion. Through conversing with our Father fragment, we receive assistance and gain trust that our lives are a learning process guided by DIVINE HAND.

As a result, we recognize our own DIVINITY and THE SACREDNESS OF OTHERS. This is what is meant by UNIVERSAL RESPECT FOR LIFE which is in turn UNIVERSAL RESPECT FOR OURSELVES, AS PART OF ALL. In a mind which is aware of sacredness, there is no desire to harm humans, embryos, animals or the environment IN ANY WAY. Murder, abortion or excess killing for meat, is an abomination to this MIND. Compassion, a desire to help, standing up for standards and principles, and always considering the GREATER GOOD, are this mind’s guiding factors.    FIRST PERSON TRINITY – UNIVERSAL FATHER (Central panel)    THE ORIGINAL DIVINE MIND, also known as THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, is symbolized in this painting by a large lotus flower on the central panel. This flower is the SOURCE of all and is surrounded by its creations. Near the large lotus flower are a man and woman who carry a miniature lotus flower in their hearts, symbolizing that they are a fractal of the whole. This Father fragment is earned, often at the age of five or six, when humans make their first moral choice. Animals who are at a comparatively high level of spiritual development, such as cats, dogs, horses and whales, and who will have earned their next life incarnation as a human being, are also depicted here. At the very top of the central panel is the island of Paradise, home to the Trinity, surrounded by the seven superuniverses (Earth is on the very outer edge of superuniverse seven). The panel includes symbols of eternity and infinity. If we choose to follow the path of self-perfection, we will reach the home of the Trinity, the Isle of Paradise at the centre of the cosmos.      SECOND PERSON TRINITY – ETERNAL SON (Right panel)    In order to experience creating something DIFFERENT from himself, rather than resting in a place of eternal cosmic stillness (all movement originates from stillness), the Universal Father made a perfect copy of himself, equal to himself, and named it THE ETERNAL SON or MOTHER SON which is depicted as an identical but smaller lotus flower on the right panel. The word SON in this context, just as the word FATHER, does not designate a person but a FORCE. Whereas the FATHER FORCE dwells within us as the “all-knowing cosmic stardust which makes us a unique personality” referred to earlier, the SON FORCE is not a permanent part of us but a SURROUNDING FORCE which inspires us to create, which draws us onwards and upwards on the spiritual learning journey towards a place of perfection. It is present, for example, in great music and art which draws us up into new levels of consciousness and understanding. It is also our STRIVING TO KNOW MORE and our DESIRE TO GROW. This is why upward paths, art, dance, music, books and inspired humans are portrayed symbolically around this flower. The flower of life symbol is used to indicate spiritual growth, and the crop circle (from August 2018) indicates growth from one life to the next.    These two separate forces – the UNIVERSAL FATHER and the MOTHER SON – created an “offspring”, symbolized in the painting by the roots of both lotus flowers joining to form a new network. Their creation is called the INFINITE SPIRIT, depicted on the left panel.    THIRD PERSON TRINITY – INFINITE SPIRIT (Left panel)    The INFINITE SPIRIT is LIFE PRESENCE or EVOLUTIONARY EVOLVING MIND. It indwells all evolving life and documents all evolutionary growth, represented in the painting by dividing cells, seeds, flowers, foliage, wildlife and also humans. It builds up a MEMORY BANK of all that which has happened from the very beginning of existence, and it holds INSTRUCTIONS for all life as based on that memory. Earth has her own INFINITE SPIRIT MIND whose memory programmes behavior for the next generation. This clearly indicates OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR EVERY BEHAVIOUR, for our behavior patterns automatically enter into the GENETIC MIND OF EARTH (and on a larger scale, of the entire COSMOS), and is used as a COSMIC LIBRARY. It is this genetic mind of earth, burdened as it presently is with violent and abusive behavior patterns, which requires re-writing and re-programming through OUR NEW AND MORE ETHICAL GENRES OF BEHAVIOUR.    THE TRINITY    The Trinity works as one but is simultaneously three different energies (The painting contains many groups of three, eg. three candles, three seeds)    “The Trinity is Deity unity, and this unity rests eternally upon the absolute foundations of the divine oneness of the three original and co-ordinate and coexistent personalities, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.” (From The Urantia Book Paper 10, THE PARADISE TRINITY)        

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