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200 cm x 50 cm, acrylics on canvas, by Rosie Jackson 2018

“Man’s heartbeats are part of the symphony on the Earth” Tesla

In order to combat the disharmony, intense corruption and widespread abuse on our planet in 2018, THE WORLD SYMPHONY is intentionally designed to offer humankind a vision of the reality which we will create. It portrays the interconnectedness of all matter and energy and depicts a world where everyone is conscious of their role as senders and receivers of energy. These people know that they affect all, and that they create their personal and collective future. They are intensely aware that their every thought, word and action is responsible for peace on earth.


“The first feature of energy is that it transforms. Because of our feelings and thoughts, the flower will scent even more beautiful or will fall in silence.” Tesla
 Two young girls cradle seedlings in their hands. A child looks lovingly at a tadpole changing into a frog. A boy hugs a tree. The green woman with red headdress is surrounded by seeds: these are the seeds of ideas which she is sending out into the universe. She is envisioning her next steps, her mission and is thus activating manifestation of her godly self.    EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED    “Everything that lives is related to a deep and wonderful relationship: man and the stars, amoebas and the sun, the heart and the circulation of an infinite number of worlds. These ties are unbreakable” Tesla    In this painting, the lightening in the Himalayas is connected to the mother holding a baby in her arms. The heart of the man in prayer is connected to other planets. A circle of women hold hands. Seeds and amoebas are connected to the sun. Parrots are connected to musical notes. The grid of energy lines on the green planet show how every place is connected to the rest.    CENTRAL TREE OF LIFE    At the bottom is the steering wheel of the boat of life, on water, the giver of life. The water feeds the roots of the tree of life where a man and a woman embrace. They are flanked by pollen sacks, one burst open and another still closed. This couple are the parents of the child above. Their love forms the basic foundation for the stability of the child and the family. To the right and left of the child are “spiritual ears”, and above are “spiritual eyes”. If the child is heard with spiritual ears and seen with spiritual eyes, and if it (and everyone) is taught to live in accordance with the Laws of Creation (see scroll on the left referring to the LAW OF BALANCE, LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT and LAW OF ONE) then everyone with live in harmony (see scroll on the right showing the harmony of the spheres). At the top is the Isle of Paradise, surrounded by seven planetary circuits, which is the child’s (and everyone’s) destination through many incarnations on the spiritual journey.    MUSICAL SYMBOLS    The music of the spheres: Mars and Jupiter  Circle of fifths in 3D  Treble and base clefs  Music theory intervals (1/2 octave, 2/3 fifth, 3?4 fourth, 3/5 sixth ,4/5 third, 5/8 minor sixth)    OTHER SYMBOLS    Symbols from various spiritual traditions and countries, for example:  Buddhist yin yang symbol  Ghanaian symbols of spirituality and man’s immortality with God  Sri Yantra Mandala: 9 interlocking triangles radiating from a “bindu” point  (representing the junction between the physical universe and its source)  Crop circles  Earth energy grids  Unity knots  Co-creation / group symbol  Fibonacci spiral in 7 shells  Symbols of unity, harmony and protection  Figures of sacred geometry  

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