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„THE WORLD-VISION: Goddess of Compassion“

from the gallery of Rosie Jackson

This is a detail from the large painting THE WORLD-VISION:

This project centres on two very large paintings which depict the Global Village – a microcosm of our world, represented by 100 Global Villagers.
A five-part painting exploring Freedom, Responsibility, Spirituality, Expression and Unity
Acrylics, 5 metres x 1,20 metres
Rosie Jackson, 2007

Painting 2: THE WORLD – VISION
A five-part painting demonstrating Freedom, Responsibility, Spirituality, Expression and Unity  Acrylics, 5 metres x 1,20 metres  Rosie Jackson, 2009    The Global Village  The 5-metre-long acrylic painting, The World – Reality, portrays the Global Village as presented in the text If the world were a village of 100 people (Donella Meadows). This text contains many statistics of which we are largely unaware, for example: 500 million people are experiencing war, imprisonment or hunger. 75% of the world's population live in poverty, 60% are Asian, 3% are children with deformities resulting from undernourishment, 11% have access to the internet, 15% are Hindus, etc. (see long list below)  The 100 people in this painting have been created according to these statistics, for example: Global Villager 29 is a 28-year-old Indian woman from Uttar Pradesh. She is a Muslim, lives off 2 dollars a day, is undernourished and illiterate. The painting is accompanied by written biographies of the 100 Global Villagers which describe their lives, situations, feelings and problems, but which also point towards possible solutions.  These are not political, military or financial solutions; change is possible through a willingness to develop personal and global awareness, to be led by the heart, to enter new spiritual realms, and to fully embrace the “We are all One” principle.  

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