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„Traditional Modern Original Painting Stevie Nicks Rhiannon Detail“

from the gallery of g. linsenmayer

This is an original digital image, Stevie Nicks as Rhiannon, accomplished in a traditional-modern style; a detail of my previous FAA upload. Lots of ledgend here, you can find more than you would ever want on the internet. Motifs: "goddess", "Stevie Nicks, as Rhiannon". For information or for ideas about using my art for home/office decor: - For more pictures, custom signed prints, and my own review of "traditional-modern" art and "real-life motif", here are some links:

- (paintings & prints)
- (review of online fine art)
- (Original Fine Art Nude Paintings and Digital Art)
- (Traditional-Modern painting)
- (Original Custom Digital Nudes Art Prints on Sale)
-  -    I'm online at google+, with circles "traditional modern art" and "artist's art"; you can find me by searching on google+, g linsenmayer; also on facebook, but I don't really use that except for art upload posts.  Or, online, search "g linsenmayer"...  

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