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„Uruou Nagarekiku Japanese Chrysanthemum River Floral Kimono“

from the gallery of Beverly Claire Kaiya

A kimono-inspired vector art, consisting of stylized flowers with layers of petals like the chrysanthemum but with a simpler structure and fewer petals. It’s inspired by the Japanese “nagarekiku” (chrysanthemums floating on a river) motif. For the color palette I went with violet, purple, pink, navy blue, green, turquoise and aqua, the cool hues of summer. It was fun drawing the flowers and river. So happy to share this design with you! The kanji character in the middle says “uruou” meaning to be moistened or become wet. It could also mean to profit or benefit. I think it’s a good one for celebrating blessings from the river! Visit my decor blog and read more about my inspiration for this piece -

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