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„Virgin Marionette in Decomposition“

from the gallery of Jaffe Signore

Pencil sketched, inked, painted, digitally mashed, transformed, and further degraded... This image of the blissed virgin intrigued me and continued to compel me to go further and transform the image in many ways... I depict her as a decorated but decomposing (though perhaps living?) corpse. Mary is such a strange figure and her story has been compelling to do many. It seems to be the purity of her virginity contrasted with a carnal pregnancy after a union of sorts with either an angel, Gabriel... Jehovah him/her/itself, and possibly poor Joseph who is too average a man to have fathered a messiah.. That would be a great paternity case fot Maury fans who I doubt will ever read this...
Dark, irreverent, yet with elaborate and careful, even gentle attention to detail - I've struggled to walk the tightrope between tasteful and disgusting, or as Nigel says in the cvlt Classic, Spinal Tap, ...the fine line between clever and stupid.

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