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„Vivid Pear“

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"Vivid Pear" is alive with bold color and masterful texture that add depth to what is already an amazing creation. The Italians call texture such as this "impasto" - the process or technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly so that it stands out from a surface. This is time-consuming, as each layer of color must dry before the next color can be added. But it is worth it! The result is a dimensional piece that nearly jumps from the canvas. This piece is particularly interesting because of the wide use of colors, the obvious green, but also pinches of yellow, gold, red, and blue. While this pear is somewhat surreal, even real pears in nature are made up of a myriad of colors - they aren't "just" green or "just golden." Part of appreciating art is looking for the colors in life, both literally and metaphorically.

Pears - they are under-rated sometimes; yet, they can be beautiful with the right focus. "Vivid Pear" stands out in contrast to a dark black/purple/midnight background - you see, even "black" isn't "just black" - it is composed of many hues as well! Basking in the light source just to the left of the painting, the pear's own colors are highlighted, along with those that are reflected by the light. Shadows on the right side of the pear offer more colors - deep blue and even purple, hidden beneath the first layers of green. The texture here is important, not only adding the hidden colors but intimating the ripeness of the fruit.

This piece of art is amazing. It would be beautiful in a home, restaurant, or other eatery.

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