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„Walled City Market, Derry“

from the gallery of George Row

The source images for this 360° HDR panoramic image were shot on a Canon EOS 5d, in Guildhall Square, Derry, N. Ireland, on the first Saturday of the month in September 2008, when the local street market known as “The Walled City Market” was taking place.

On one side of the square stands the distinctive gothic-style sandstone building known as the “Guildhall”. It serves many civic functions, including housing the Council Chamber in which Derry City Council meets, and the Mayor‘s Parlour, where the Mayor receives and hosts visitors.

The Guildhall opened in 1890 after the original town hall in the Diamond – the centre of the walled city – was burnt down. On the other side of the square are the historic city walls. They date from the 17th century and are amongst the last intact city walls in Europe.

The panorama was created by combining 27 separate digital photographs covering every angle and with bracketed exposures. Hence the detail has been captured both in the brightest areas of the sky and in the shadows inside the stalls.

The source images were shot on a Canon EOS 5d DSLR with a 16mm fisheye lens and stitched and blended together using Hugin, a free open source program, which in turn invoked Enfuse to create the HDR effect. Then the image was further refined in Photoshop, particularly to cope with the extremes of highlight and shadow around the sun and the centre of the panorama.

Because of the way that it was created this is a very high resolution image (the equivalent of about 80-megapixels). It is capable of delivering very fine detail even when printed at massive sizes.

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