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Realism Art

In the 19th century, a significant style of art named Realism appeared and had great impact throughout France. Artists of that time devoted their art in depicting motifs including both realistic situations and imaginary objects, in a true to life manner. Unlike its rival Romanticism, Realism calls for an objective observation, without any possible exaggerated emotions.

Realistic masterpieces

At ARTFLAKES, hundreds of magnificent fine art produced by famous artists can be purchased as poster, of any dimensions and at an affordable price. Gustave Courbet's realism masterpiece 'The Stone Breakers' portrays the hardship of the underclass vividly, and will be a fine subject for canvas art or large format poster. Jean Francois Millet's well known realism paintings 'The Gleaners' and 'The Angelus' showing the bucolic farm life can be made into an art print or why not into a poster as well? Realist paintings often stay eternal and impress us the most without much added effort.


Several product types are available at ARTFLAKES to adapt to different needs and tastes. The selected poster will be printed on high quality paper, so you are sure to love it. In any case, ARTFLAKES provides a money back guarantee!