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Ancient myth and futuristic modernity in Shanghai

If there are still people believing in an ancient China where the past is still alive and untouched, they have surely to change their mind about it. Shanghai, with its population of 18.600.000 inhabitants, is the most populated city in China merging in a unity past, present and views of a technologic future.

The temple of the Chinese Empire as a poster

If the tourist cannot leave and forget a world of magic that has captured his or her heart, a simple, but interesting and effective way to recall a lost emotion is provided by a poster of Shanghai. Instead of an expensive canvas, the best solution to bring back home a piece of your wonderful experience of Shanghai is a poster featuring the unforgettable spots of the Chinese metropolis; a poster that can be turned into framed art or left as an art print, which not only could embellish the walls of your houses, but also make you relive moments of the past.

Flashes of an unforgettable place

Instead, for those who have not had the fortune to experience Shanghai personally, one of the most intense looks at the Chinese reality can be guaranteed by a poster of Shanghai foreshadowing the magic contact with an amazing ancient modernity.