Alice Gosling

Alice Gosling

My interest and fascination with photography begain in childhood and grew with me. After raising a family I returned to college where I spent 3 years studying photography. A better understanding of techniques and camera controls turned my interest into the passion it is today.

I enjoy most genres of photography but my biggest passion lies in the creative elements of combining my photographs with my processing knowledge to create something very different, and hopefully, unique and interesting.

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Originally from France and based in the UK, photography is an ongoing learning, creative and passionate journey.

Anne Staub

All photographs and artworks in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the photographer, Anne Staub. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited. All rights reserved

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I came into photography late in life but it has become my passion and obsession. There is nothing better than being out on a beach for a sunset or landscape or in the forest shooting wildlife, its a wonderful feeling and I hope my pictures reflect these wonderful sights.

I live Cornwall in the beautiful southwest of England, but travel the USA a lot on my motorcycle in the summer, and also spend a lot of time in the Canary Islands - so you will see photos from all sorts of places in my portfolio.

I love all genres of photography - but especially black and white or simply-toned images .

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Norfolk photographer, started like everyone as a hobby / obsession, then turned into a full time job. My first jobs were of motocross events around Norfolk which I still do and I am still the official photographer for NSJMCC and Norfolk MX, then one thing moved on to the next. I now have a shop and studio in Watton Norfolk. I have large format printers so I also do a lot of print work for local photographers, including canvas prints.

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Wenn ihr mich besser kennenlernen wollt, dann hilft euch vielleicht mein Künstlerinterview:

Auf meinem Video bei YouTube könnt ihr auch meine Bilder anschauen: oder

Ich male seit meiner Kindheit. Die Malerei ist neben der Fotografie immer mein Hobby geblieben.

Meine bevorzugten Motive sind heute südliche Landschaften (besonders die Toskana) und Stillleben (häufig als Collagen mit bemalten Holzteilen auf Leinwand). Dabei verwende ich meistens Acrylfarben, neuerdings male ich auch Aquarelle. Zuletzt habe ich Aquarelle auf Leinwand gemalt.

Zu meinen Spezialitäten gehören Minibilder (z.B. in den Formaten 7x9 cm und 8x10 cm),Toskanabilder, mehrteilige Werke und eben die schon erwähnten Bilder mit Holzapplikationen.

In der Fotografie halte ich die Kamera immer ‘auf Anschlag‘, denn die meisten Motive muss man nicht erst künstlich herstellen, sie sind einfach schon da. Man muss sie nur sehen oder erkennen.

Ich nenne meine Bilder Gute-Laune-Bilder-Huwer, weil ich beim Malen und Fotografieren immer gute Laune habe und mir dies auch für die Betrachter meiner Bilder wünsche!

Danke für nette Kommentare, Favorisierungen und Käufe.

Viel Spaß mit meinen Bildern

Christine Huwer

(C)Copyright aller Bilder bei Christine Huwer, also bei mir selbst. Alle Rechte sind vorbehalten. Das Verändern, Kopieren oder das Abspeichern meiner Bilder ist ohne schriftliches Einverständnis meinerseits strikt verboten!

Painting and photography have been my two favorite hobbies since my childhood.
My favorite themes and specialities are southern landscapes (especially the Tuscany) and still lifes (often as collages with wooden applications)
I mainly use acrylic colors and watercolors.
Very often I paint even in very small sizes (my mini-paitings) and even watercolor mostly on canvas, often as triplets.

My camera is always ready to be used, because most scenes are there already, you only have to see them.

I call my paintings/photos 'Gute-Laune-Bilder-Huwer', which means 'Good-Mood-Paintings/Photos-Huwer', as always I'm in a good mood when I'm painting and I hope that you, visitor or customer, will feel the same when you look at my paintings and photos.
Thank you for your visit, comment, fav. or the buying of one of my artworks.

© Copyright: Christine Huwer (Gute-Laune-Bilder-Huwer)
It is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce my art without my written permission.
All rights reserved.

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Hello my name is rosanna zavanaiu .I have been taking photo's for about 4-6 years on an off and i love every moment of it 'after all this time i am still enjoying every moment of photography.My passion is floral,feline.Canine,Archetecture,Seascapes pretty much anything that catches my eye. i know that if i don't have my camera's in my hand it feels like something is missing Hope you like what you see and enjoy!!! p.s thank you for looking.

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Kathleen has degrees in Graphics and Technical Writing. She spent a number of years working in advertising as both a layout artist and web designer. She fell in love with New Mexico at a very young age and eventually found her self living in the Taos/Santa Fe area where she spent a large part of her adult life. While in Taos she had two art galleries, the Rainmaker and the Turquoise Lady.

Kathleen now lives in the Great Lakes Area in North West Ohio where she spends her summers at a marina on Lake Erie and her winters at home where she divides her time between digital art and jewelry making.

Photography has always been part of her life and her time at the marina and the islands is spent with her Nikon in hand. She has a great love for the large coastal birds – Herons, Egrets, Seagulls and of course the Pelicans.

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I'm an English photographer and ditital artist living in Berlin for many years. While here in Berlin I have explored many old, abandoned places that are full of history. I have many images of these forgotten place, mos of which are now either gone or vandalised.
I also love making digital art work from poeple I shoot in my studio.
Cozmic Photos, Gneisenaustr 51,
Tel: 004917650489486

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A photographer from Scotland, my photographic collection is varied, but mostly landscapes, seascapes, streetscapes, castles, churches, buildings and bridges. I hope you enjoy my work, thank you for taking the time to visit.

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Trevor travels over most of the North of England to pursue his passion for landscape photography, British National Parks, the Lake District,North Yorks Moors & Dales,also Vintage Steam Trains.

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My main interests are wildlife and nature and a great deal of my photography reflects that passion.

I try to capture the detail and beauty of the Natural World and to share my love for the animals and plants that inhabit this world we call home.