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Edit: Currently I am not uploading any more art for sale as sales on this website have been much lower for me than on other websites and my time is best invested elsewhere. Also this website is rather annoying to use. Alternatively, you can purchase my work and newest work here:

My work is gender twisted, macabre spiced, occultish, magical photography taking the form of prints & digital images using layering techniques with unconventional digital or physical materials. My work is a reflection of myself, a schizophrenic transgender woman, and the emotional day to day. Through this photographic manipulation I produce an encounter that reflects a recognition of an increasingly mitigated physical experience of my world. My work combines reality of my transition that explores the rawest experience in the physical and intangible realms of my reality and beyond.

The figure is the forte and crown of my manipulations; I unabashedly use it as an anchor to examine topics ranging from what defines my gender, unconsciousness in its rawest form, haunting voices, and self-thought. Through my work there is a consistent spice of obsessive self-dissection and examination. This dissection of the self has also evolved into an examination of other individuals. A library of people has accumulated and has begun to excite me in new ways and influence the grand architecture of my practice.

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